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In all that we do, Hillel at Eckerd College is guided by the following Mission, Vision & Values.

Our Mission:

  • To enrich the lives of Jewish students at Eckerd College so that they may enrich the Jewish people and the world.

  • To positively contibute to the overall Eckerd College experience for all students.

Our Vision:

  • To inspire every Jewish student to make an enduring commitment to Jewish Life, Learning, and Israel.

  • To provide educational and service opportunities for Jewish and non-Jewish students alike, that will teach them about Jewish life, culture and history, so that through understanding and mutual respect, they might be better citizens of the world.

Our Values:
Hillel at Eckerd College is committed to:

  • Creating a pluralistic, welcoming and inclusive environment.

  • Fostering student growth and balance in being distinctively Jewish and universally human.

  • Advancing social justice, Jewish learning and spirituality.

  • Embracing Israel and global Jewish peoplehood.

  • Delivering excellence, innovation, accountability and results.

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